Phil Fisher has been painting in Naples, FL in watercolors and oils, professionally, for the past 53 years. The majority of his work is done "plein air", so he has a visual preference for landscapes. His colorful and vibrant paintings often get the comment..."They just make me happy!"

"I love being around the water, so have a particular love for boats (especially sailboats), beaches and palm trees. I love the tropical light and colors of the islands."

He shows his fondness of places traveled to in his paintings. His paintings feature scenes of Italy, San Miguel, Mexico, The Bahamas, Florida, Ohio, New England states and Northern Michigan. He paints in a palette that expresses his emotional connection with the light he experiences in these different areas of the world.

Phil and his artist wife, Natalie, own and operate their own gallery in downtown Naples, FL.

Guess-Fisher Gallery
985 Central Avenue
Naples, FL 34102

"I like to think of my paintings as a sanctuary for those who feel anesthetized by technology."